NAKED  REALITY, 2016, 62 min.
directed by Jean Pierre Bekolo

In this first NAKED REALITY film, Jean-Pierre Bekolo tells the story of  Wanita.

As she is leaving home one  morning, not knowing that her first prayer to her own ancestors has started her journey to the DIMSI – the earth you can’t see – because we were living in strange times where people were dying from a disease called BAD LUCK. Wanita could not figure out that her journey was blinded by her other self; her desire to be someone else.

It is 150 years from now in a time when African cities have grown into one big metropolis.  Operating in a world controlled by the immortals who had taken over our wholes being. Everything we put in our mouth, eyes, ears, skin, nose, ass, sex… was theirs… including our prayers. Wanita was the only one who could save us.
Wanita was the first of a new generation that was not just working at a job. She was working to fulfill her mission according to her DNA instructions. If Wanita is so into presenting the weather on television, it was because  she was a force of nature that could control other forces such as hurricanes, storms and tornados. But someone had infiltrated her DNA, this is why she could not hear our calling.